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TV production 101: What is video switching?

Computers & Electronics

Directing a live event is one of the most stimulating media jobs. Nevertheless, using the right equipment makes a huge difference. Say, you can use the best Firewire switches to direct an event smoothly.

best firewire switches

If you are about to study a TV production training course, you are in for a bang. This should not make you nervous, though. TV production techniques may be a little bit intimidating in the beginning. Nevertheless, if you have amazing patience, then you can easily discover ways to use a video switcher.

Even so, learning how to use a video switcher is only one facet of picking up video switching. Before you can master the using of the best Firewire switches, you will have to start with the essentials.

This article will walk you through the basics of video switching:

What is video switching?

One of TV production’s most critical procedures is video switching. This defines how one video source switches to another. You can make this possible by operating a video switcher and multiple video cameras. You can check 3dHd’s switchers on their website.

What is a switcher?

A switcher is a unit blends multiple audio or video signals. Enlisted below are three kinds of switchers:

1. Video Switcher

Directors control this gadget to change and pick video signals. It can be used to add effects and transitions, also. The origins of those signals can be any one of these:

  • Live video footage in the studio
  • Live video footage from a far-off area
  • Post-processed media such as photos and short video clips
  • Microsoft PPT presentation feed
  • The tools that displays are either of the following:
  • Streaming device
  • TV monitor
  • Video recording device

You can look at these 3dhd Firewire switches if you want to know more about the specs.

2. Audio Switcher

An audio switcher handles a similar thing as the video switcher. The sole distinction is the sources can be either music and songs, SFX, or recordings.

  • Analog audio switcher – A mono- or multiple channel switcher
  • Digital audio switcher – A switcher with a single cable transmitting channels digital sound such as stereo audio

3. Video and Audio Switcher

This gadget combines both operations of the two previous switchers. It receives varieties of signals and switches them into a single output.

What makes this variety of switcher so incredible is its adaptability—it can accept PAL, NTSC, or SECAM.

Guidelines for Video Switching

As mentioned above, a presence of mind is critical when you are video switching. However, that is not nearly enough. Here are a few uncomplicated ideas for reliable video switching:

  • Run through. Put time and effort in practising how you can work with the switcher before the event. Learn how to work with the controls, specifically the T-bar. This is what you control to transition or “switch” one A/V source to one more.
  • Be early or on time. As the director, you ought to be the last person to show up unready and tardy. Your team would not respect you if you act like that—making it very difficult for you to interact in the course of the event.
  • Test all things. Ultimately, the most important step to dp—test everything. Electronic cameras, microphones, cables, slots, batteries, et cetera—each one of these affects the switching and the program overall.
  • Memorize. Knowing the commands, phrases, cables, and tabs does help.
  • Tag the equipment. In addition, it is not enough to memorise quite possibly. Put stickers on your devices, wires, microphones, wireless headsets, and so forth to avoid complexity.


Switching is an underrated task only the verified production geeks truly treasure. Currently, in case you’re looking for the best  AV equipment, one supplier to keep in mind is 3DHD Gear. They provide superior audio and video switchers at affordable rates. Check out their best Firewire switches right now to see what we are talking about.

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Why bifocal glasses is a good choice for you


Bifocal glasses are the type of readers that your grandmother and grandfather used to wear. But now, these types of reading sunglasses, sometimes called bifocal readers, can be worn by students or younger professionals. Read on to find out why they might be a good choice for you as well.

The difference between bifocal and single vision glasses

Bifocal readers have a unique feature. There are two lenses for different uses: one is for reading, while the other is for measuring the area for distance. Usually, there is a visible line to distinguish which is which. The smaller one, which can be found at the lower part of the lens, is for reading, while the larger viewing area is for distance measurement.

Bifocal readers are prescribed mainly for convenience. Instead of switching between two eyeglasses, you can just use bifocal glasses anytime, anywhere. Even under the sun.

On the other hand, single vision glasses (from the word itself), only feature a single field of vision. It is your typical and straightforward prescription glasses. It is recommended for people who are suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Single vision glasses can be bought over the counter and usually contain the following focal powers: 1.00, +1.50, +2.00, or +2.50. Single vision glasses often carry the same power for both eyes. If you are suffering from eye problems or there is a difference of power required for your eyes, it might be best to get prescription glasses and not the single vision glasses.

Flexible style

One important factor for everyone to consider when choosing sunglasses is convenience. Most likely, people will buy a brand that can do several things. An example of this is sunglasses which can also function as bifocal readers. In short, they are called sun readers. Check Visualites for more details.

Visualites offers sun readers in three designs and colors for you to choose from–crystal, purple monet, smoke, and tortoise). All of them are lightweight, which are perfect for any outdoor adventure.

The sun readers, as the name suggests, can be used when reading under the sun. They offer sun protection while also giving you the benefits of magnification for reading purposes. You can use them indoors or outdoors.

Going to a beach trip, but still want to read your favorite book? Going to swim in a pool with your family and friends, but still need to study for exams? Don’t worry, sun readers got you covered.

Perfect for formal setting

Men like simple and straightforward things. If you are one of those who believe less is more, Visualite is the perfect choice for you. There are plenty to choose from, including stylish mens reading glasses and sun readers. You can even get them delivered for free anywhere within the continental US.

Ready to conquer the day at work, but ready to have fun and party after office hours? Get the sunglass readers, and you will surely stand out from the crowd.

If you want to know more where you can get them, you may visit For questions or concerns, please call 800 701-4602.

Indications that your Epson printer needs the touch of expert technicians in Sydney

IT Services

When it comes to Epson printer repairs Sydney residents need, it’s better to get help from a trusted technician.

Printers play a significant duty in our day-to-day lives; they are the tools that help us share info quickly and accurately. The Epson brand, as an example, has actually been known to manufacture quality printing machines in the world.

Regardless of their high quality, they can be still susceptible to malfunction—specifically with reckless usage. Consequently, your printer will undoubtedly require fixes.

These are some of the signs that you already need an expert to service your Epson printer immediately:

The weird loud sound throughout the printing process

A well-functioning printing machine must not make loud noises when being switched on or printing.

A paper jam could result in an uncommon and disruptive grinding noise when using your Epson printer. If the paper creating the jam is pulled out, and the printer still makes a loud noise, it implies there is a mechanical problem in the printer. Your printer will certainly require Epson printer repairs Sydney specialists can carry out.

Poor print quality

You might discover that a print-out has numerous unwanted lines and blots that wreck the copy’s readability.

The problem might be that the toner is filthy and needs cleaning. After cleaning the printer toner, don’t relax just yet. Check if there are still unwanted lines; this is an indicator that the toners are obstructed, loose, or are breaking off. You will require employing a specialist to check them, just to be sure.

Printer Repair Centre in Sydney can provide help for typical print issues; you can read more here about the most common issues your Epson printer might encounter.

Irregular performance

You might also notice that a printer is running out of toner ink quicker. It could be that your printer instantly shuts off when running and a constant warning sign appears on the printer display screen.

You must not neglect such abnormal behaviour of your printer. This is a sign of the printer’s deteriorating efficiency—probably due to broken parts inside. If your Epson device is experiencing this, go here for a quick fix:

Constant paper jam

A paper jam is when a copy is stuck in between printing, and the printer is incapable to instantly expel the paper the way it is meant to. At first, you can conveniently resolve this by eliminating the jammed paper manually; however, a consistent repeat of a paper jam is an indicator that something is incorrect with the printer.

Overfilling the paper tray or having debris inside the printer may be the reason; nevertheless, a persisting paper jam is a certain indicator that you need one of those Epson printer repairs Sydney professionals can do.

Get dependable aid

The best thing to think about if you discover troubles with your printer is to connect with a competent technician. If you are in Sydney, Australia, you may wish to pick an Epson fixing specialist with several years of experience of analysing and repairing printers.

Printer Repair Centre in Sydney, for instance, has actually been providing printer repair services since 1996, making them fairly trusted to deal with any kind of printer concern. You might need one today, so go check out their services at and have your printer properly fixed.

Shopping for toys? Make this your handy guide


Toy shopping can be both an exciting and anxious time for a parent. With the myriad of options available today—from Kinetic Sand to building blocks—it is getting harder to choose which ones are good for your kids and which ones you should avoid. To make things a little easier, here are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for your kid’s toys:

Small parts

Choking is one of the leading causes of injury and death among children. This is why it’s very important to check a toy for any small parts that your kid might accidentally swallow. Toy manufacturers usually indicate age recommendations on their packaging, so it’s best to adhere to those even if you think that your kid can already play with the toy. For instance, Kinetic Sand or Mighty Beanz may not be recommended for toddlers yet, since they have the tendency to put things in their mouth, but it can be a great toy for pre-schoolers.


Aside from age recommendations, you should also look for other indicators that the toy is made safely for children. For instance, a CE mark that you may see on some toys is an indicator that the product is certified safe. Also, make sure to read toy descriptions in boxes to know if it is right for your kid or not.

Educational value

Toys play an important role in your child’s development, which is why you have to look for those with educational value. Kinetic Sand, for instance, is a great tool for opening up your child’s creativity because it is open-ended and can be made into different things. Montessori-inspired toys are also great tools for developing your kid’s motor skills. You can find a lot of these products at online stores, like Mr. Toys, so just do some research on which ones are fit for your kid’s age.

Toxic substances

Since your kid will be in close contact with his toys, it’s very important to buy only those with non-toxic substances. Some types of plastic, paint, and colouring materials may contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your child, so make sure to only invest in products from reliable manufacturers, even if it means paying a little bit more. More details here Mr Toys


Of course, you can never go wrong with choosing quality over price. Toys will take a beating when played with, so it’s only wise to make sure they can still last after being thrown, bitten, and taken apart. It’s also smart to invest in toys that will grow with your child, so he can enjoy them for many years.

Finally, toy shopping can be a great bonding time for you and your kid, so make sure he’s involved in the process. Let your kid see what his options are and allow him to make his own choices. If he loves Kinetic Sand, then help him find Kinetic Sand. If he wants to build Legos, let him try it. Giving your kid a little more freedom with his things will not only make him more independent, but it will also help you make the right investments in his toys since you know he’s going to use them.

Aerated wastewater treatment for commercial lawn irrigation


Australia values water sustainability. Thus, it has come up with efficient wastewater treatment plants to recycle water. In fact, legislation requires commercial properties to connect water drainage system to them. If not, a business should have their own water treatment system.

water drainage system

And an aerated treatment system is one of the best choices.

It can treat water through natural or biological means. It doesn’t require excessive use of chemicals like chlorine, assuring the safety and quality of recycled wastewater for use in lawn irrigation.

This helps companies to save cash from irrigation, while maintaining the beauty of their lawn.

Commercial water drainage system and the application of an aerated treatment system

An aerated treatment system is one of the best commercial wastewater solutions available today. It circles on saturating wastewater with oxygen that creates a biological environment capable of producing quality recycled water.

How does an aerated treatment system work?

An aerated treatment system collects wastewater from the property. It’s usually connected to the kitchen, laundry and bathroom drainage. It can collect water from storm water drainage as well.

From the water drainage system, filters and membranes blocks solid substances like sand and dirt. It can block larger objects as well, like paper and plastic bags.

And this filtration process is necessary for the water aeration treatment to proceed.

The natural process of aeration

After filtration, an aerated wastewater system uses natural processes for water treatment. It doesn’t use chemicals that could make water toxic. This makes recycled water best for irrigation systems in a commercial property.

The system begins by infusing air into the wastewater to cause gas exchange. This induces oxygen into the water, which pushes off toxic gases like methane and carbon dioxide. The oxygen saturation also creates an environment for microorganisms to thrive.

Impurity consumption

Microorganisms, like bacteria, are the primary agents that break down nutrients in water. Such nutrients are impurities that have passed through the filtration phase and needs to be reduced before pumping out the water.

For a clearer picture, this system copies the natural purification of water in lakes and streams. Microbes settle at the bottom of a water body and form “biofilm”. This digests nutrients from the water, which leaves purified water on the surface.

In an aerated treatment system, biofilm settles on rocks or plastic mediums inside the chamber. But it requires sufficient amount of biofilm to break down heavier impurities efficiently. For example, it should be enough to handle laundry chemicals that water drainage system brings in.

As microbes digest impurities from the water, purified water settles on the surface. That water is ready to be pumped out for disinfection. On a side note, it’s important to keep the biofilm on a manageable amount. This is to ensure that microbes won’t stay on the surface and don’t get pump out with the water.

After the treatment in an aerated system, water is then released to the irrigation system. This recycled water is free from chemicals, ensuring the growth of plants and greens on a lawn.

It’s important to work with experts in installing such system. This is where a company should contact They can install a full drainage and treatment system for a company. Laundry drawers and other laundry solutions are available as well.

How to Own a Firearm in Australia: Important Steps


It is definitely not an effortless task to have a gun in Australia. Nevertheless, the 1996 Port Arthur Mass Shooting is most definitely traumatic. Hence the government aims to protect against such disasters from occurring again through strict gun policies.

Thing is, if you still wish to possess a handgun and also a gun cleaning kit for your hunting endeavours, then you don’t have to fret. You can still qualify for an ownership in Australia, given that you follow the right steps.

In particular, you should recognize how to own a handgun before you find reliable guns and a gun cleaning kit.

How You Can Qualify to Purchase a Hunting Firearm in Australia

You are certainly enthusiastic to own a hunting rifle and a gun cleaning kit in Australia. Don’t let that enthusiasm die out. Check out these summed up actions in obtaining a gun.

  • Join a Hunting Club

If you intend to own one of the pistols in any gun sales Australia has, you should show that you are a hunter, to begin with.

Certainly, among the best means is to join a hunting group or other legal hunting organizations. You need to be an official participant before you can proceed to the lawful processes of having your own pistol.

If you are in Queensland, for example, you can look for an association in any urban areas before going through further procedures. After you become a member, you can now find a reputable gun shop.

  • Go By the Approximate Tests and Examinations

After being a regular member of a hunting group, you need to fulfil further demands before you can possess your very own firearm.

Begin by participating in a firearm safety and security seminar, pass composed and functional examinations, as well as pass the history check that can verify that you are free from unlawful history.

You ought to have a security container for Leupold scopes for sale Australia sells, for instance. This will not be a trouble, though—given there are gun safes to buy offered around. See more at The Barn

You should likewise obtain an authorization for the particular kind of handgun you intend to acquire.

  • Acquire a New or Used Firearm

Nevertheless, when the legal processes are completed, you can now discover reliable handguns for purchase. See to it that you will be purchasing from a lawfully operating shop as well. Next, only acquire a firearm that you are licensed to own.

Say, your authorization shows that you can possess a 22 hornet, after that, you can only try to find a 22 hornet for sale Australia can offer.

Furthermore, remember that semi-automatic and greater types of firearms are not allowed in Australia, therefore you ought to know the options you have before having your license and also acquiring a pistol.

These are the three major actions in having a handgun in Australia.

After you buy your own, bear in mind to keep your authorization active by joining routine hunting activities all through the year.

Falling short to show that you are utilizing your handgun correctly can lead to your permit being revoked.

If you prepare to buy a handgun, make certain to look into

Browse quality brand-new as well as used rifles for you to buy, which can undoubtedly aid you a great deal for your hunting endeavours. For more information, visit their website at: