Why bifocal glasses is a good choice for you

Bifocal glasses are the type of readers that your grandmother and grandfather used to wear. But now, these types of reading sunglasses, sometimes called bifocal readers, can be worn by students or younger professionals. Read on to find out why they might be a good choice for you as well.

The difference between bifocal and single vision glasses

Bifocal readers have a unique feature. There are two lenses for different uses: one is for reading, while the other is for measuring the area for distance. Usually, there is a visible line to distinguish which is which. The smaller one, which can be found at the lower part of the lens, is for reading, while the larger viewing area is for distance measurement.

Bifocal readers are prescribed mainly for convenience. Instead of switching between two eyeglasses, you can just use bifocal glasses anytime, anywhere. Even under the sun.

On the other hand, single vision glasses (from the word itself), only feature a single field of vision. It is your typical and straightforward prescription glasses. It is recommended for people who are suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness.

Single vision glasses can be bought over the counter and usually contain the following focal powers: 1.00, +1.50, +2.00, or +2.50. Single vision glasses often carry the same power for both eyes. If you are suffering from eye problems or there is a difference of power required for your eyes, it might be best to get prescription glasses and not the single vision glasses.

Flexible style

One important factor for everyone to consider when choosing sunglasses is convenience. Most likely, people will buy a brand that can do several things. An example of this is sunglasses which can also function as bifocal readers. In short, they are called sun readers. Check Visualites for more details.

Visualites offers sun readers in three designs and colors for you to choose from–crystal, purple monet, smoke, and tortoise). All of them are lightweight, which are perfect for any outdoor adventure.

The sun readers, as the name suggests, can be used when reading under the sun. They offer sun protection while also giving you the benefits of magnification for reading purposes. You can use them indoors or outdoors.

Going to a beach trip, but still want to read your favorite book? Going to swim in a pool with your family and friends, but still need to study for exams? Don’t worry, sun readers got you covered.

Perfect for formal setting

Men like simple and straightforward things. If you are one of those who believe less is more, Visualite is the perfect choice for you. There are plenty to choose from, including stylish mens reading glasses and sun readers. You can even get them delivered for free anywhere within the continental US.

Ready to conquer the day at work, but ready to have fun and party after office hours? Get the sunglass readers, and you will surely stand out from the crowd.

If you want to know more where you can get them, you may visit https://visualites.com/?s=bifocal. For questions or concerns, please call 800 701-4602.